5 Essential Career Tips for Information Technology Professionals

There are all kinds of myths circulating about a lack of jobs in information technology (IT) fields. Now that the economy is in full recovery, though, layoffs are in decline and new jobs are opening up for IT professionals. In other words, now is the time to start thinking about your dream career in information … Continue reading 5 Essential Career Tips for Information Technology Professionals


Job Openings at SGS Technologie

Founded in 2003, SGS is a software development and IT consulting company that has grown into a global corporation with more than 200 employees in two continents. SGS is a leader in providing innovative end-to-end application solutions for commercial and government sectors. Our goal is to understand your business objectives and develop solutions based on your … Continue reading Job Openings at SGS Technologie

10 Steps to a Tech Career

Don't get overwhelmed by the choices available to a fledgling techie. Allan Hoffman, Monster Tech Jobs Expert 10 Steps to a Tech Career "Where do I start?" That's an obvious question when you're considering a technology career. Should you get a technical certification? Learn a programming language? You'll hear a seemingly endless variety of answers, … Continue reading 10 Steps to a Tech Career

Cyber Security Training Starts May 9

Military Veterans and Spouses May Qualify for Scholarships Network+ Fundamentals of Cybersecurity With a large majority of cybersecurity breaches currently arising from attacks via social engineering and other people-centered applications, knowing the “nuts and bolts” of network operations and security is no longer enough to qualify as a superior candidate for many job openings. This 2-part certificate … Continue reading Cyber Security Training Starts May 9