Cyber Security Training Starts May 9

Military Veterans and Spouses May Qualify for Scholarships

Network+ Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
With a large majority of cybersecurity breaches currently arising from attacks via social engineering and other people-centered applications, knowing the “nuts and bolts” of network operations and security is no longer enough to qualify as a superior candidate for many job openings.

This 2-part certificate program provides job-relevant skills required by employers.
Course Start: Monday, May 9
Course End: Friday, August 26
Course Duration: 16 Weeks
Tuition: $2,400 Full scholarships available for military, prior military, dependents, and military spouses

CompTIA Network+
This component offers an introduction to computer networking, including wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs) and the protocols used to coordinate and control communications.

The module will provide the students with the body of knowledge required to pass the Network+ exam from CompTIA. Students will receive one exam voucher. Fifty percent of all course time will be devoted to CompTIA Network+.

Introduction to Cybersecurity
This component offers an introduction to four key topic areas and skillsets essential to current cyber security operations. Fifty percent of all course time will be devoted to these cyber security topics:

  • Analytics and Critical Thinking: This topic teaches biases to students to improve awareness of our weaknesses. It also teaches simple, structured methods to mitigate and overcome those biases, improving their critical thinking and reducing cognitive errors.
  • Communications, Personality Assessment and Leadership for Information Technology:  provides students with best practices in communication, personality assessment and leadership to boost effectiveness in team dynamics. This module will also feature a two-day, in-person communications workshop.
  • Global Perspectives on Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism: introduces ethical and legal considerations of information security as well as interactions with law
    enforcement and regulatory bodies and the management of the relationships. To provide an awareness of the background of geo-politics, students will learn about both US domestic and international developments and an
    analysis of how decision makers seek resolution—addressing legal, policy and operational considerations.
  • Risk Assessment and Management for Information Technology: introduces the concept of risk, explains how risk can affect organizational objectives and how to utilize a risk management methodology to understand, communicate and address risk in operational strategies, plans and activities.

Contact Genene Poppell for enrollment and scholarship information:

Phone: 850-474-3083

Offered in collaboration with the National Cyber Partnership, Net+ Cybersecurity is a
fast-track preparation for jobs in the cyber industry. Majority of coursework (95%) will be online with assignments due weekly. A two-day in-person communications workshop will occur in Pensacola. The dates will be determined by class members and instructor.


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